In Response (The Book)

In Response, a fine art photography book about women and political issues

Ever since fully entering my photography program, my personal projects have dealt with women and the political and social issues surrounding them. For a long time, I wasn't sure how to move my experiences and thoughts and interpretations of these issues into a place that was more universal. As a chronic avoider of confrontation, I felt more comfortable being subtle, creating self portraits that only suggested my ideas.

Well, taking photos of myself became boring, I got fed up with the awful stuff I was hearing about my fellow ladies, and I was presented with the direction to create a book.  I am so, so happy with both the images and the book as a whole, and I'd like to send out endless thanks to the people who worked with me on this project. I'm especially grateful to the amazing response I've gotten so far, it means so much to know that this work reaches people.

These photos are just a preview of all the someone-really-said-that infuriating goodness. In Response is available for purchase through Blurb, and through me as a PDF digital copy.