Wednesday Wrap-Up: Vol. 3

This week's wrap up is a little more photographer-oriented, but don't run away just yet because I snuck in some food as well (is anyone really surprised?). 

You can also do bicep curls with this thing. It's massive.

You can also do bicep curls with this thing. It's massive.

I'm starting a new portrait project, building a structure of my own now that I'm outside the deadlines and pressure of school. If you happen to know of productive, creative people under 30 here in Atlanta, please send them my way! I'll be documenting them through the month of September and beyond. I'm always on the lookout for inspiration, and one of my favorite places is Vanity Fair: The Portraits.  It was the first real photo book I bought for myself, and I highly recommend it to other photographers who are starting to build their own libraries. As a huge Annie fan, I also suggest her book At Work. 

One of my favorite shots in the book, Nicole Kidman by Annie Leibovitz

One of my favorite shots in the book, Nicole Kidman by Annie Leibovitz

If you're like me, and looking to get out on your own as a professional photographer, then you should know about Photoshelter. Their webinars are great to listen to while retouching, and their pdf guides cover sooo much information. I try to read at least one of them each week and work on the various business and marketing suggestions. Find them here.  

Even if you're not a photographer, you can enjoy the photo love here in the ATL. You may have seen photos with #weloveatl or even made it out to the gallery show a while back. Now there's a truck! With a recently funded Kickstarter and an early debut at Living Walls, the truck will be roaming around the city (especially during Atlanta Celebrates Photography) sharing pop-up shows, projections, and prints. Check out their page here, and contribute your own moments by using the hashtag!


I did promise food, so here we go. Maybe one day I'll share a healthy recipe, but this isn't it. My mom found a recipe for "Chubby" Chicken and Cream Cheese Taquitos, and yes, the name is accurate so I don't recommend eating this too often. As a vegetarian, I sub in Morningstar Farms chik'n strips, but what really makes this so good is the combination of crunchy tortillas and melted-together cream cheese and salsa. I also add in extra baby spinach to make myself feel better. This time around, I had more filling than tortillas, and had the idea to use it as an omelet filling. Only my love of combining cream cheese with eggs could motivate me to try again to make an omelet: I've never before made one that didn't fall apart and become ugly scrambled eggs. Turns out I wasn't putting in enough oil to keep the eggs from sticking (I'm notoriously stingy with butter). For me, that meant putting a bit more butter than what I was already uncomfortable with, and then not fussing with the omelet. Just trust it, it will do its thing, all you need to do is add in melty cheesy tangy goodness. Life lessons over breakfast.

In Response (The Book)

In Response, a fine art photography book about women and political issues

Ever since fully entering my photography program, my personal projects have dealt with women and the political and social issues surrounding them. For a long time, I wasn't sure how to move my experiences and thoughts and interpretations of these issues into a place that was more universal. As a chronic avoider of confrontation, I felt more comfortable being subtle, creating self portraits that only suggested my ideas.

Well, taking photos of myself became boring, I got fed up with the awful stuff I was hearing about my fellow ladies, and I was presented with the direction to create a book.  I am so, so happy with both the images and the book as a whole, and I'd like to send out endless thanks to the people who worked with me on this project. I'm especially grateful to the amazing response I've gotten so far, it means so much to know that this work reaches people.

These photos are just a preview of all the someone-really-said-that infuriating goodness. In Response is available for purchase through Blurb, and through me as a PDF digital copy.