I'm Feelin' 22

The really fun part about being a recent college grad is coming up with new ways to answer "Have you found a job yet?" 

Explaining that no, I've been going on trips to the Caribbean and New York because I'm "self-employed" or something like that has probably resulted in at least one person leaving the conversation to talk about Lazy Millennials/art students. And figuring out how in the heck freelance life works has been disillusioning and scary and depressing. Did I mention I'm currently "staying with my parents because I'm in-between places?" Ha. 

But I'm also really enjoying getting to hang out with my aging dog while I put together estimates and work on marketing plans. Cooking and watching netflix with my parents has been fun (while it is hilarious, I don't recommend Identity Thief  as a family movie). And a mix-and-match crew of SCAD alumni barhopping through Brooklyn reminded me that I'm twenty freaking two, with few responsibilities, and I better stop worrying. We'll all get there eventually. 

PS: No apologies on the TSwift title.