Fit: to Be Marketing Materials

Since transitioning to a focus on lifestyle photography (or perhaps just realizing that's what I loved most all along), I'd been hoping to get a chance to use that approach with a commercial client. So when I was contacted by Kimberly at Koncept Design Studios about creating a bank of marketing images for Fit: 2 Be, I was thrilled. Working alongside an agency for the first time was a great experience, and was invaluable considering we had less than a week from our initial contact to our shoot date. We knocked out 9 headshots, 2 classes, and lots of action shots in between in just a few hours on a Sunday, which I'm crediting to how insanely fit all of the instructors are. Thank you to the whole team for an amazing day, and especially to my assistant for keeping me organized and hydrated enough to go shoot a wedding immediately after!