Just for Fun

Last weekend, my friend Stephen (who seems to get mentioned quite often on here) and I played in the studio to take some photos of each other (something else that happens frequently). While part of the shoot's purpose was a class assignment, it's fun to just goof around and try some new stuff. Neither of us usually shoot on white in studio, so it broke us out of our comfort zones without having to worry about a client or a model. My grading rubric and a time crunch gave us just enough stress, but we still paused for 15 minutes to watch Beyoncé's halftime show.

Now that I'm quickly running out of time to use the resources of studio space and equipment at school, I'm valuing more and more the chance to shoot whenever I can and experiment while my livelihood doesn't totally depend on it. Except it does, because if I'm not as prepared as possible when they kick me out of here on June 1st, I'll be broke. And there will be no free wi-fi or 21" iMacs to watch Beyoncé performances on. So everything I do right now has to count, even if it's just a technical assignment or a new Facebook profile pic. 

After that serious thought, here's some photos of Stephen being super serious and super cheesy. 

Atlanta. Men's Fashion. Male Model. Black and White. Photography. SCAD
Atlanta. Men's Fashion. Male Model. Stephen Archer. Member's Only Jacket. SCAD. 
Atlanta. SCAD. Male Model. Photography. Valentine's Day. Cute. Lollipop. Beauty.