"I want to go on adventures, I think." for Fantastics Magazine

What started off as a Pinterest find of vintage scientific illustrations grew into a Wes Anderson/retro/travel story with the dreamiest of dream teams. Set stylist Jordan Patterson curated such a fun set of props from her own finds and Jack Wucher's weird/awesome thrift store collections. This was my first shoot with the lovely ladies of The Spin Style Agency and we've already got more things in the works! 

model - katie with factor | styling - chanler phelps & kelly martin | set styling - jordan patterson | hair & makeup - claudia mejerle & jessie lycan | photo assisting - jack wucher | produced by darcie adler & the spin style agency | shot at big studio

PS: If you haven't checked out my Tumblr before (probably because it's still new), you might find some outtakes from this shoot over there!

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 7.17.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 7.17.37 PM.png

Liv Mathis and a Red Lip

Another awesome shoot at Big Studio with my dream team, Stephen Archer and Anya Mathis, with a dream of a model to shoot with. After working with designer Laurel Newport, whose look book Stephen was shooting, we had some free time in the studio. One of my mentors, Liz Von Hoene, has always told me to jump on the opportunity to make photos for myself at the end of an assignment, and I was not going to let Liv Mathis move back to LA without getting in front of my lens. Thanks everyone for another awesome shoot!

Liv Mathis, model, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Brittany Wages Photography, red lip, beauty, dark, classic, blonde
 Liv Mathis, model, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Brittany Wages Photography, red lip, beauty, dark, classic, blonde, black and white
 Liv Mathis, model, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Brittany Wages Photography, red lip, beauty, dark, classic, blonde


Throwback Tuesday, y'all! 

So basically forever ago I finished up school and had my senior group exhibition, Deal With It, aka the most awesome school-related evening ever. There was SO MUCH going on that I barely even remember what happened, which means it must have been great. We had tasty snacks, tons of people, gorgeous art, a billboard, a write up on Scoutmob, a beautiful space, a bit of booze, lots of laughter, and so much love. 

I can't send out enough thanks to all the people who helped make this show happen and who came out to celebrate with us. In case you didn't make it, or don't remember it too well (maybe that's just me), here's a photo recap with bonus graduation photos. 

Check out some of the work exhibited:   My Work     Amie Brink    Brittney Mullins    Dylan Fagan    Samantha Osiecki   Frederic Cisneros    Codi Glancy   Tess Yaney   Mae Elizabeth  Meghan Davis  and search #dealwithitATL on twitter/instagram/vine for more!


brittanywages_may_126 copy.jpg

Thanks to Judy Pishnery, my mom, and a bunch of other people for the photos! 

DEAL WITH IT: Exhibition this Thursday!

I am so, so excited to share my work and that of my classmates with our friends, family, and the rest of ATL this Thursday at Deal With It: A Photo-Based Exhibition. The show is one night only, May 30th from 7-10 pm at Big Studio in King Plow Arts Center. We'll have work ranging from video installations, to sculptures, to antique photo processes, and so much more. There will be work on sale as well as prints available, tasty snacks, a photo booth, and a kickass party to celebrate the end of our undergrad careers. We even have a billboard on 85-S coming into the city! Get more info and RSVP to the Facebook event page. You can also use #dealwithitatl to see posts from the other artists and tag your own photos and tweets about the show. 

Here's a sneak peak of my work that will be on display, a photo installation also titled Deal With It

brittanywages_may_126 copy.jpg

Model Test: Savannah

Hey stranger! As usual, I've been busy and thus slacking on blogging (trying to finish a degree takes up more time than I expected). I know I promised 6 blog posts from our Factor test shoot, so here's the last girl, Savannah. She's got such an awesome face and we made some of my favorite images of the day together. She's even wearing some of my clothes! Enjoy these and check back in a few days for some new portraits I've been working on. 

22bwages_testweb_04 2.jpg

Model Test: Elizabeth

Here's the next to last girl from the Factor test shoot, Elizabeth. I've raved about all the girls, but they really were just that great. She's a dancer and was awesome at keeping her face flawless even in the middle of jumping and spinning for Stephen's shots. And those freckles and blue eyes? Amazing. Hopefully you'll be seeing her on here again. 

Stylist: Shreya Sen, Hair/MUA: Anya Mathis, Assistant: Brejon Wylie


Model Test: Kylie

Here's another lovely girl from Factor Atlanta, Kylie, who we started the shoot with bright and early. She rides horses, so I thought she was awesome even before seeing her in front of a camera, and I think that same poise and confidence is evident in her photos. And her green eyes are absolutely killer. 

Lookin' like a Burberry campaign for Stephen

Lookin' like a Burberry campaign for Stephen


Behind the Scenes

As you've seen from my last few posts, I've kinda put together a team. It's been a long time since I've shot without Stephen either assisting or shooting at the same time, and the lovely Anya Mathis has become our go-to make up artist. Combined with Big Studio and the lovely girls at Factor, every shoot is smooth, fun, and exciting. We recently shot two editorials together, and even though I can't show you the images yet, I wanted to show off some behind the scenes photos and videos! You may have seen a few already if you follow me on Instagram or Vine.

Videos here (unfortunately as a new app, they don't imbed well) :  

  Prep     Shooting    More Shooting 

Choosing looks

Choosing looks

Caffeine required, as always.

Caffeine required, as always.

Gwen, hat by the Atlanta-based We Are The Process

Gwen, hat by the Atlanta-based We Are The Process

Stephen's lovely model/actress Dominique

Stephen's lovely model/actress Dominique

Anya, Dominique, Me, Gwen, and Stephen

Anya, Dominique, Me, Gwen, and Stephen


After everyone left, Stephen and I may have spent a while taking photos of ourselves in front of the makeup mirrors (the light is soooo nice!). The whole shoot was so fun, and the images are AWESOME. If you're a photographer, or any other creative, go find your team. You may not be as lucky as I've been the first time around, but keep looking because it's worth it. I would not be creating work like this without each one of these talented and lovely people around me. So thanks y'all for keeping me energized and inspired <3