Liv Mathis and a Red Lip

Another awesome shoot at Big Studio with my dream team, Stephen Archer and Anya Mathis, with a dream of a model to shoot with. After working with designer Laurel Newport, whose look book Stephen was shooting, we had some free time in the studio. One of my mentors, Liz Von Hoene, has always told me to jump on the opportunity to make photos for myself at the end of an assignment, and I was not going to let Liv Mathis move back to LA without getting in front of my lens. Thanks everyone for another awesome shoot!

Liv Mathis, model, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Brittany Wages Photography, red lip, beauty, dark, classic, blonde
 Liv Mathis, model, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Brittany Wages Photography, red lip, beauty, dark, classic, blonde, black and white
 Liv Mathis, model, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Brittany Wages Photography, red lip, beauty, dark, classic, blonde

Model Test: Savannah

Hey stranger! As usual, I've been busy and thus slacking on blogging (trying to finish a degree takes up more time than I expected). I know I promised 6 blog posts from our Factor test shoot, so here's the last girl, Savannah. She's got such an awesome face and we made some of my favorite images of the day together. She's even wearing some of my clothes! Enjoy these and check back in a few days for some new portraits I've been working on. 

22bwages_testweb_04 2.jpg

Model Test: Elizabeth

Here's the next to last girl from the Factor test shoot, Elizabeth. I've raved about all the girls, but they really were just that great. She's a dancer and was awesome at keeping her face flawless even in the middle of jumping and spinning for Stephen's shots. And those freckles and blue eyes? Amazing. Hopefully you'll be seeing her on here again. 

Stylist: Shreya Sen, Hair/MUA: Anya Mathis, Assistant: Brejon Wylie


Model Test: Kylie

Here's another lovely girl from Factor Atlanta, Kylie, who we started the shoot with bright and early. She rides horses, so I thought she was awesome even before seeing her in front of a camera, and I think that same poise and confidence is evident in her photos. And her green eyes are absolutely killer. 

Lookin' like a Burberry campaign for Stephen

Lookin' like a Burberry campaign for Stephen


Model Test: Jyanni

Here's the third girl from our Factor Test, Jyanni. She's got an awesome face and a cool, laidback attitude that made her a breeze to work with. I did some experimenting with different lighting set ups for her since she was early in the morning. She was also the first girl that I used the natural light/chalkboard wall set for, and I fell in love with the way she looks on it. So check out the photos!

Anya working her magic at Big Studio for one of Stephen's looks

Anya working her magic at Big Studio for one of Stephen's looks


Model Test: Lindsey

I'm trying to stay focused on blogging but I get distracted so easily. So this is yesterday's post, with another gorgeous face from Factor Models. This is Lindsey and she belongs in a toothpaste commercial because she's got a ridiculous smile. She had such an awesome attitude and I loved finishing out our huge shoot day with her. 


Model Test: Becca

I had the pleasure a while back of putting together a huge test with new faces from Factor Women, a lovely agency here in Atlanta. 6 models, 2 photographers, 1 MUA, 1 wardrobe stylist, 1 photo assistant, 6 moms, 13 hours, 35 looks, and a bajillion photos taken. No really, I took over 1,400 photos.

Photographers: Brittany Wages and Stephen Archer. Photo Assistant: Brejon Wylie. MUA: Anya Mathis. Stylist: Shreya Sen. Location: Big Studio.

I can't say enough about how absolutely awesome our team was, we couldn't have pulled off such a massive undertaking without them. The girls at Factor were amazing, too: every single girl was friendly, professional, and photographed so well. To start off the blog posts from the day, here's my photos of Becca!


I wish I could have had a quarter of her confidence in high school. She has a crazy cool wardrobe (stilettos, checkered jeans, mismatched neon socks), and was so excited to MOVE. It was hard to keep up with shooting her before she moved on to the next great pose. At one point she decided to lay upside down in a chair and still kept working her face. She was an absolute joy to work with.