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I've been playing a lot lately, trying to keep up my creativity by doing things besides photography. Watching my graphic designer boyfriend at work has always fascinated me, so I thought I'd try my hand at it with one of my favorite quotes. I'll keep sharing these (at least the ones I consider successful) and you can click here or on the photo to download a desktop background. If you find other quotes you think I should illustrate, share them with me in the comments or on Pinterest!


Throwback Tuesday, y'all! 

So basically forever ago I finished up school and had my senior group exhibition, Deal With It, aka the most awesome school-related evening ever. There was SO MUCH going on that I barely even remember what happened, which means it must have been great. We had tasty snacks, tons of people, gorgeous art, a billboard, a write up on Scoutmob, a beautiful space, a bit of booze, lots of laughter, and so much love. 

I can't send out enough thanks to all the people who helped make this show happen and who came out to celebrate with us. In case you didn't make it, or don't remember it too well (maybe that's just me), here's a photo recap with bonus graduation photos. 

Check out some of the work exhibited:   My Work     Amie Brink    Brittney Mullins    Dylan Fagan    Samantha Osiecki   Frederic Cisneros    Codi Glancy   Tess Yaney   Mae Elizabeth  Meghan Davis  and search #dealwithitATL on twitter/instagram/vine for more!


brittanywages_may_126 copy.jpg

Thanks to Judy Pishnery, my mom, and a bunch of other people for the photos! 

I'm Feelin' 22

The really fun part about being a recent college grad is coming up with new ways to answer "Have you found a job yet?" 

Explaining that no, I've been going on trips to the Caribbean and New York because I'm "self-employed" or something like that has probably resulted in at least one person leaving the conversation to talk about Lazy Millennials/art students. And figuring out how in the heck freelance life works has been disillusioning and scary and depressing. Did I mention I'm currently "staying with my parents because I'm in-between places?" Ha. 

But I'm also really enjoying getting to hang out with my aging dog while I put together estimates and work on marketing plans. Cooking and watching netflix with my parents has been fun (while it is hilarious, I don't recommend Identity Thief  as a family movie). And a mix-and-match crew of SCAD alumni barhopping through Brooklyn reminded me that I'm twenty freaking two, with few responsibilities, and I better stop worrying. We'll all get there eventually. 

PS: No apologies on the TSwift title. 

Behind the Scenes

As you've seen from my last few posts, I've kinda put together a team. It's been a long time since I've shot without Stephen either assisting or shooting at the same time, and the lovely Anya Mathis has become our go-to make up artist. Combined with Big Studio and the lovely girls at Factor, every shoot is smooth, fun, and exciting. We recently shot two editorials together, and even though I can't show you the images yet, I wanted to show off some behind the scenes photos and videos! You may have seen a few already if you follow me on Instagram or Vine.

Videos here (unfortunately as a new app, they don't imbed well) :  

  Prep     Shooting    More Shooting 

Choosing looks

Choosing looks

Caffeine required, as always.

Caffeine required, as always.

Gwen, hat by the Atlanta-based We Are The Process

Gwen, hat by the Atlanta-based We Are The Process

Stephen's lovely model/actress Dominique

Stephen's lovely model/actress Dominique

Anya, Dominique, Me, Gwen, and Stephen

Anya, Dominique, Me, Gwen, and Stephen


After everyone left, Stephen and I may have spent a while taking photos of ourselves in front of the makeup mirrors (the light is soooo nice!). The whole shoot was so fun, and the images are AWESOME. If you're a photographer, or any other creative, go find your team. You may not be as lucky as I've been the first time around, but keep looking because it's worth it. I would not be creating work like this without each one of these talented and lovely people around me. So thanks y'all for keeping me energized and inspired <3

Model Test: Becca

I had the pleasure a while back of putting together a huge test with new faces from Factor Women, a lovely agency here in Atlanta. 6 models, 2 photographers, 1 MUA, 1 wardrobe stylist, 1 photo assistant, 6 moms, 13 hours, 35 looks, and a bajillion photos taken. No really, I took over 1,400 photos.

Photographers: Brittany Wages and Stephen Archer. Photo Assistant: Brejon Wylie. MUA: Anya Mathis. Stylist: Shreya Sen. Location: Big Studio.

I can't say enough about how absolutely awesome our team was, we couldn't have pulled off such a massive undertaking without them. The girls at Factor were amazing, too: every single girl was friendly, professional, and photographed so well. To start off the blog posts from the day, here's my photos of Becca!


I wish I could have had a quarter of her confidence in high school. She has a crazy cool wardrobe (stilettos, checkered jeans, mismatched neon socks), and was so excited to MOVE. It was hard to keep up with shooting her before she moved on to the next great pose. At one point she decided to lay upside down in a chair and still kept working her face. She was an absolute joy to work with.


Just for Fun

Last weekend, my friend Stephen (who seems to get mentioned quite often on here) and I played in the studio to take some photos of each other (something else that happens frequently). While part of the shoot's purpose was a class assignment, it's fun to just goof around and try some new stuff. Neither of us usually shoot on white in studio, so it broke us out of our comfort zones without having to worry about a client or a model. My grading rubric and a time crunch gave us just enough stress, but we still paused for 15 minutes to watch Beyoncé's halftime show.

Now that I'm quickly running out of time to use the resources of studio space and equipment at school, I'm valuing more and more the chance to shoot whenever I can and experiment while my livelihood doesn't totally depend on it. Except it does, because if I'm not as prepared as possible when they kick me out of here on June 1st, I'll be broke. And there will be no free wi-fi or 21" iMacs to watch Beyoncé performances on. So everything I do right now has to count, even if it's just a technical assignment or a new Facebook profile pic. 

After that serious thought, here's some photos of Stephen being super serious and super cheesy. 

Atlanta. Men's Fashion. Male Model. Black and White. Photography. SCAD
Atlanta. Men's Fashion. Male Model. Stephen Archer. Member's Only Jacket. SCAD.&nbsp;
Atlanta. SCAD. Male Model. Photography. Valentine's Day. Cute. Lollipop. Beauty.&nbsp;