Model Test: Becca

I had the pleasure a while back of putting together a huge test with new faces from Factor Women, a lovely agency here in Atlanta. 6 models, 2 photographers, 1 MUA, 1 wardrobe stylist, 1 photo assistant, 6 moms, 13 hours, 35 looks, and a bajillion photos taken. No really, I took over 1,400 photos.

Photographers: Brittany Wages and Stephen Archer. Photo Assistant: Brejon Wylie. MUA: Anya Mathis. Stylist: Shreya Sen. Location: Big Studio.

I can't say enough about how absolutely awesome our team was, we couldn't have pulled off such a massive undertaking without them. The girls at Factor were amazing, too: every single girl was friendly, professional, and photographed so well. To start off the blog posts from the day, here's my photos of Becca!


I wish I could have had a quarter of her confidence in high school. She has a crazy cool wardrobe (stilettos, checkered jeans, mismatched neon socks), and was so excited to MOVE. It was hard to keep up with shooting her before she moved on to the next great pose. At one point she decided to lay upside down in a chair and still kept working her face. She was an absolute joy to work with.